Vector Contour Projection

An optional projection system is now available, which can also be retrofitted to existing machines. It uses a media projector to beam the panel shape onto the machine work surface. A simple projection file is transferred to the dedicated projection PC; and can be called up by keypad or barcode This facilitates positioning of the vacuum pods prior to placing the panel on the surface, and significantly enhances productivity, especially with small batch sizes.

Easy Set Workpiece Setting

  • Projection creates a simple outline on table for easy pod selection and positioning while ensuring correct overhang of workpiece on pods
  • Machine setting such as start position and mode are automatically loaded by the projection system when moving to position
  • Consists of projection stands complete with projectors plus PC and operating system located inside control cabinet and operated with keyboard or barcode scanner.

Easy Set Up

  • Setup of projection images is very simple using part DXF
  • Machine settings also saved to part number and auto-loaded when part number or barcode entered into the system

Vector Revolution Projection System

Loading New Part Using Projection

Corner Component Using Projection