We’re celebrating our first 20 years!

Vector Contour was
formed in 2002 to investigate better ways of applying edgebanding to curved
surfaces in manufacturing environments.

The issues we set-out to solve were
that semi-automatic edgebanding machines do not produce an acceptable
manufactured component product consistently; and the large CNC hybrid
manufacturing systems were not viable in a wide range of woodworking environments,
due to significant expense and complexity of ongoing operation.

The first years were about prototype
development and testing. The core principals of the patented technology
revolved around utilising AI algorithms to automatically analyse the shape of panels
to determine an optimal edgebanding application process. Then the focus was
integrating all elements of the manufacturing process to produce consistently
high quality products.

Since 2008, the Revolution Series of
machines have been manufactured in New Zealand and marketed globally. Vector
Contour now has offices and representation in New Zealand, Australia, USA,
Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Norway, Turkey, Japan,
Korea and Brazil.

Thanks to all who have helped us
along the way and we looking forward to the next 20!

We’re celebrating our first 20 years!

Date: 21 Sep 2022