Vector VISION Explained

Vector VISION is the direct link to our Revolution machines which enables full duplex video interactions with diagnostics for customised support and training sessions.

It includes 2 HD cameras linked to a PC with Vector CONNECT software. This enables live high-quality 2-way video and data feed for the operator or service engineer to communicate live with our support team members.

AND it makes life a lot easier! Last week an Australian-based customer had an operational issue with one component that they contour edge-band. So, they used Vector VISION to capture the edge-banding process and send the data log back to us.

After reviewing the information our team had a firm idea on how to fix the issue. So, we linked directly to their machine via Vector VISION and walked them through the solution. We monitored the following component cycles and discussed how to optimise performance and quality.

AND the issue was resolved within a day, without the need for a technician to travel to the client site and the production process is now rock solid.

Vector is a dedicated automatic contour edgebander that sets the global benchmark.

Vector VISION Explained

Date: 24 Apr 2024