Our Vector VISION camera system offers unparalleled ability for us to provide support and training for our Revolution machines.

The Vector VISION system includes 2 HD cameras linked to a PC with software pre-loaded. With the system is installed we have a high quality 2-way video and data feed and the operator or service engineer who is working on the Vector can talk directly via video to us. The video feed allows our engineers to show adjustments on our showroom machine to better describe and illustrate fixes and improvements.

We also have full access to the control panel so step by step changes can be made with everyone having a clear understanding of what is going on. It makes life a lot easier. Communication is improved and training sessions are easy to organise without the normal schedule issues, costs and travel delays.

We can also AUDIT the machine operations with data and video logs being sent to us for analysis. Each month a test panel is run and we review and report back with advice as to machine set-up, alterations or training suggestions. 

Ongoing support – made easy and effective!


Date: 14 Feb 2024