Scheduling Flexibility

Switching between differently shaped workpieces is simple and efficient with the Vector Revolution system.

Firstly, there is no programming required which removes an enormous amount of complexity. Our patented operating system is controlled by an intuitive icon-based touch screen PC with easy operating interface. The operator is only required to make some simple selections - such as the starting position.

Our projection system shown in this short video uses a media projector to beam the panel shape onto the machine work surface. A simple projection file is transferred to the dedicated projection PC and can be called up by keypad or barcode.

This allows positioning of the vacuum pods prior to placing the panel on the surface which significantly enhances productivity with small batch sizes. The workpieces are supported by vacuum cups sitting on a large, versatile flat bed and they are held very securely.

So, if your shop needs flexibility when there are short production runs in your schedule and you do not want to compromise on quality - we can really help you speed things up.

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Scheduling Flexibility

Date: 13 Dec 2022