Power to Grow

Clients in progressive smaller furniture manufacturing environments are moving to Vector Revolution machines. Automatic contour edge-banding unlocks manufacturing scale and flexibility, transforming slow and labour intensive component manufacture into an efficient operational process.

While semi-automatic edgebanders provide an entry level solution, practically there can be real issues on the factory floor:

  • As with manual machines, they require the operator to apply extra pressure and assist the machine to manipulate the panel around tighter radiuses. They are very dependent on operators skills, which means quality can vary significantly between operators
  • Edge pressure is relatively low, which typically require the use of Flex Edge to bend banding for anything other than large radiuses Radiuses of 20mm external and 50mm internal, that are completed easily and consistently on the Vector are challenging on manual and semi-automatic machines 
  • Semi-automatics are unable to vary speed according to corner radius, which significantly limits the ability to handle complex shapes
  • Butt joins are not as accurate or repeatable as with fully controlled automatic machines
  • There is are limits the range of suppliers for banding which can be more expensive than standard banding material. Trimming finishes are variable versus main-stream edge-band materials due to plasticisers used in production

Vector is a dedicated automatic contour-bander that sets the global benchmark.

Power to Grow

Date: 1 Mar 2024