People focused design

There has been a notable trend in FURNITURE DESIGN to incorporate more CURVES and ORGANIC shapes. Contemporary furniture designers are creating visually interesting and unique pieces that depart from traditional straight lines and angular forms.

The key benefits include:

Aesthetic Appeal - Curved designs can provide a more fluid and visually appealing look, adding a sense of sophistication and modernity to furniture.

Ergonomics - Curved furniture designs are often more ergonomic, providing a comfortable and inviting feel.

Versatility - Curves can be applied to various types of furniture, from tables and chairs to cabinets and shelves, offering versatility in design.

Innovation - The use of curves allows for innovative and unique design solutions that stand out in the market.

The Revolution 180 is the only machine in the world that automates the edge-banding and finishing process for curved surfaces, with no programming required. The result is consistently high-quality, visually appealing and durable curved furniture pieces.

People focused design

Date: 28 Sep 2023