Operational Efficiency

In larger manufacturing environments there are additional benefits to move to machines dedicated to automatic contour edgebanding.

This often involves separation of the banding process from the shape cutting, which can mean higher productivity for both the shape cutting and edgebanding machines.

  • We are compatible with nested based manufacturing. With shaped components, enormous time and material savings can be made by nesting the shapes
  • The Vector Revolution machines perform the edgebanding processes without any issues of panel alignment
  • Routing dust does not interfere with the edge-bander performance
  • CNC router capacity is optimised as a process and matched to cutting requirements
  • The capital costs for hybrid CNC contour banders and their ongoing running costs are significantly higher than a Vector Contour solution

Vector is a dedicated automatic contour-bander that sets the global benchmark.

Operational Efficiency

Date: 15 Mar 2024