No Programming Explained

One of the key advantages of operating a Vector Revolution is that it does not require someone in the office to programme it.

For a panel that is new to the production environment:

  • The operator places vacuum pods
  • The workpiece is positioned on the pods. Exact positioning is not required
  • From the icon driven console the operator moves the head using the screen joystick to position the head as indicated by a green cross-hair laser
  • The start position is saved via a snapshot icon
  • In most cases the only selection required is to confirm if a 360 degree banding is required or if the part has square corners
  • Press Start and the head lowers and travels to the edge of the workpiece
  • The Revolution 180 finds the edge and proceeds to run the panel automatically
  • Our patented AI algorithms use edge sensing protocols to work out correct speeds and pressures and pressure angles for optimal application
  • The start points and butt joins can be saved for future reference with the click of an icon
  • All up around a minute to change over from one piece to another

NO PROGRAMMING means your operations team are in control of the production process, you don’t need the expense of programmers sitting in offices and there are no file compatibility issues or scheduling delays. Consistently high-quality production, low cost of ownership and improved productivity.

No Programming Explained

Date: 25 Aug 2023