New Business

Located in Victoria, State Furniture is a proudly Australian owned and operated business. They manufacture a large range of high quality furniture products for educational, commercial, aged care and several important niche markets. They have run a Vector Revolution 180 for several years as it suits their core furniture portfolios BUT it’s purchase was also linked to winning new business with contract manufacturing opportunities that were being regularly presented to them.

These contract opportunities are competitive so they need fast turnaround, with quality products produced to specification and a “do it once and do it right” model so costs are held and margins maintained. As the contract work often involved curved panels and shapes, they found themselves winning more business as they could complete the difficult part of the production process – edge-banding the curved and shaped edges – on the Revolution 180 very effectively.

The Vector has also made it so easy for one-offs; and Paul and his team are very confident they have a far better glue bond than the old process of edging and then hand trimming.

Their contract manufacturing clients have started to become loyal clients which is good for business. It’s an example where the Revolution 180 helped get new business through the door and allowed the State Furniture team to scale up their production profitably.

New Business

Date: 25 Jan 2024