Global Benchmark

Vector is a dedicated contour-bander that sets the global benchmark - the exceptional bond and edge-band finish is always a discussion point - essentially:

- An edge blower cleans any residual dust from the workpiece as the banding head progresses.

- Adhesion strength is enhanced by precise glue application - you can see the glue lines on the edge-band in the video.

- The molten glue comes from a sealed cartridge (not an open system) for better integrity.

- It takes less than 0.5 seconds from the glue nozzle application to the band being pressed into place meaning no heat lamps are required.

- We deliver industry leading edge pressure (80kg / 175lb) for ultimate tack strength.

- Our AI optimizes roller edge pressure without operator intervention, and adjusts for curve shape and slows the speed for tight radiuses automatically - so a superior tack and bond are delivered consistently and automatically.

- Precise glue application matched to the panel width means no glue on the trimmed overhang - so no glue smear.

- Banding, trimming and surface scraping simultaneously results in super-fast cycle times.

Job done. You won’t look back!

Global Benchmark

Date: 2 Feb 2024