An Exceptional Bond & Finish

We’re always asked how we achieve such an amazing bond and edge-band finish, and in simple terms:

  • Vector is a dedicated contour-bander, the banding unit is free of routing dust
  • An edge blower cleans any residual dust from the workpiece as the banding head progresses
  • Adhesion strength is enhanced by precise glue application - you can see the glue lines on the edge-band in the video
  • The molten glue comes from a sealed cartridge and not an open system for better integrity
  • Industry leading edge pressure (80kg / 175lb) means ultimate tack strength
  • It takes less than 0.5 seconds from the glue nozzle application to the band being pressed into place meaning no heat lamps are required
  • Our AI algorithm optimizes roller edge pressure without operator intervention
  • The software adjusts for curve shape and slows the speed for tight radiuses automatically
  • A superior tack and bond are delivered consistently and automatically
  • Precise glue application matched to the panel width means no glue on the trimmed overhang. No glue smear
  • Banding, trimming and surface scraping simultaneously results in super-fast cycle times

From an efficiency perspective - waste is reduced, component quality improves, production rates increase, and your QA team are happy.

Operationally everything is easier – there is no programming, scheduling is flexible from 1 to 100+, interfaces are intuitive and quick to learn, training your people is straightforward and lifetime support is provided for every machine.

The result is higher quality production, with better environmental and financial outcomes for your business.

The Vector Revolution 180 sets the global benchmark for automatic curved edge-banding in manufacturing environments.

Check out the video

An Exceptional Bond & Finish

Date: 27 Jun 2023